Everything the PS 8 PTA does is made possible by volunteers and donations from our parents and greater neighborhood community.

The PTA is an active and integral part of the PS 8 community. We work hard to provide our children with a well-rounded educational experience with enrichments and extra programming. Everything we do is made possible by volunteers and donations from our parents and greater neighborhood community.

This year, with your support, we will fund:

  • Instructional Coaches
  • Teaching Assistants
  • HEPA air purifiers for every classroom and office, plus replacement filters
  • Tents for outdoor learning and activities
  • Portable hand-washing stations
  • Stencils and paint to indicate 6-foot spacing and directional flow of travel
  • Remote learning support
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Did you know?

Many companies support causes that are important to their employees by matching their charitable contributions. Please check if your employer has a matching gift program – the impact of your gift to PS8 could be doubled or even tripled!


How do we raise funds? A large portion comes from direct donations, and the balance is generated through corporate matching gifts, our Kids Cre8 after school program, merchandise salesrevenue-sharing opportunities, and events that incur expenses and require thousands of volunteer hours.

What are the funds for? NYC public schools, including PS8, are underfunded. Only 90% of our school’s budget is financed by the Department of Education (DOE), and it’s up to us to bridge the gap. Our biggest expense is the check we write to the DOE for staffing positions. We also pay for enrichment residencies, equity and diversity workshops, daily recess assistance, and teacher empowerment (e.g., technology upgrades, grants for classroom supplies, and training), and the math curriculum used by all grades. A line item budget is available in the PTA office.

How much should I give? On average, we encourage families to give $2,000 per child. Give more if you can– and sponsor other families. Give less if you can’t– and contribute in other ways. We know families have different abilities to give and are grateful for all contributions.


If you have additional questions, please email