Kids Cre8 Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms, conditions and policy of the Kids Cre8 after school enrichment program. When registering your student in the program, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to all these terms.

Pick-up Policy
All students participating in Kids Cre8 clubs must be picked up on time either at 4pm or 4:40pm (check your child’s specific club schedule). Pickup location will be at PS8 (specific location at school TBD) and dependent on weather. All students participating in extended Kids Orbit or the Y after-school programs will be escorted by Kids Cre8 or program staff members to these programs for the remainder of the day. The Kids Cre8 program coordinators may impose a $25 late fee if a student is picked up late more than once from the program; they may remove a student from the program with no monetary refund if he or she is picked up late more than three times in a class cycle.

Students are enrolled for specific clubs. If a child is present at school and is enrolled in Kids Cre8 for a particular club, he/she should attend his/her scheduled club for the complete session, unless a parent or guardian notifies the Kids Cre8 Coordinators. Parents or guardian should also notify the child’s teacher if a child will not attend a club on a day the child attends school.

No Make-Ups
There are no refunds or “make-up days” for missed sessions. If your child is unable to attend his/her scheduled club, he/she may not attend another day to “make up” for the missed session.

If extenuating circumstances occur, such as a COVID-19 quarantine requiring multiple missed classes, please reach out to

Medications and Allergies Policy
Parents and guardians must notify the KidsCre8 Coordinators and their specific Kids Cre8 club teachers if their child needs to have medications on hand for allergies or medical conditions. Parents and guardians should also discuss any other medical limitations or concerns with the Kids Cre8 Coordinators.

Any student with a brace or bandage will not be allowed to participate in a club if his or her injury may impair club activities (e.g., sports clubs).

Health & Safety Policy
Masks must be worn at all times on school property except when students are eating snack outside. Kids Cre8 follows current NYC DOE Health & Safety Guidelines, and will be adjusted as needed to reflect any changes to these guidelines. Please ensure you have reviewed this information.

Behavior Policy
To ensure a safe environment for all students in Kids Cre8 club, we have the following behavior policy:
1. The first time a Kid Cre8 staff member raises a minor behavior issue with a parent or guardian, the staff member will discuss what happened and what needs to be addressed.
2. If the issue is not addressed and recurs, the student may be suspended from one class with no monetary refund.
3. If behavior continues to be an issue after two warnings, the student may be dismissed from the program with no monetary refund.
a. NOTE – In the unlikely event of a major behavioral issue, Kids Cre8
may move directly to dismissing the student from the program with
no monetary refund.

This behavioral policy is in line with NYC DOE’s Discipline Code.

Flexible Spending Accounts for Child and Dependent Care Expenses
Some parents have asked for additional documentation in order to claim payments for the Kids Cre8 after-school program as expenses that are reimbursable by the IRS Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for Child and Dependent Care Expenses. The IRS guidelines, as we interpret them, are not entirely clear on whether these payments for after school enrichment qualify as reimbursable expenses. We’ll provide receipts for parents who decide to make claims, but neither PS 8 nor the PTA take any responsibility for any claims that the IRS or other tax authorities deem illegitimate. Any parents making FSA claims shall take full responsibility for the claims.

Liability Waiver and Release
Parents or legal guardians of children participating in any Kids Cre8 club assume full responsibility for all risks taken and injuries incurred by their child(ren) while participating in any event of the Kids Cre8 after-school club program sponsored by the Parents & Teachers Association of PS 8 (PTA of PS 8). By completing this registration form, you, as the legal guardian of the registered child listed above, acknowledge that Kids Cre8 activities have inherent risks and agree to assume all risks and hazards incident to your child’s participation in all Kids Cre8 activities. You further release and forever hold harmless the PTA of PS 8; employees of the PTA of PS 8, executive board members of the PTA of PS 8; and any and all persons acting on behalf of these organizations or individuals, from any claims, losses, or injury sustained during or in connection with your
child’s participation in any Kids Cre8 activity, including but not limited to medical expenses or any other form of monetary or other loss.

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