Celebr8 Diversity Recap

On September 24th we celebrated the richness of diversity at PS 8 with our annual potluck, an event that was filled with cultural pride, music, dance, delicious food, and fun for all. No less than 50 families brought scrumptious homemade dishes and activities to honor their cultural backgrounds and share them with our community. 

Some of the many highlights included baked beans and cornbread to celebrate African-American culture; onigiri and origami representing Japan; favorite Jewish treats, rugulech and hamantashen; arroz con gandules and cheesecake flan for Puerto Rican pride; coconut curry chickpeas and macaroni pie from Trinidad and Barbados; stroopwafels from the Netherlands; and rainbow everything for LGBTQ!

Thanks to all the families and staff who came out to the joyous celebration. A special thanks to our incomparable dance teacher Alexis Garay for the extra special merengue lesson. Wepa!