Book Fair

Book Fair 2022 is here!


Regular Book Fair hours are from 8:00-8:25am and 2:45-6:00pm during the week of December 5-9. Class visits also take place that week. The final hours of the book fair will take place during our community winter event, the Winter Warm-up, on Saturday, December 10th from 10:00am-12:00pm.

Class visits to the Book Fair are cash free, and Book Bucks need to be purchased in advance. Book Bucks are essentially a gift certificate you purchase for your child to spend during their class visit. Please note that only books can be purchased with Book Bucks (no toys!).


  • A minimum of $10 for students in Grades K-1. Books for these readers start at approximately $7, and many popular hardcover books cost $10.
  • A minimum of $15-$20 for students in Grades 2-5. Books for older readers start at approximately $10, and graphic novels range from $12-$17. Older children tend to want to select multiple books.

Change is not provided during class visits. Unused Book Bucks are given to teachers to buy books for their classroom library (e.g. if a child has $20 in Book Bucks and spends $18, then $2 will be donated).

Children financially unable to purchase Book Bucks will be sponsored by the PTA. Please consider donating towards the purchase of a book for another child. You can also purchase Book Bucks for classroom and specialty teachers. Give the gift of a book today!

If you are unable to purchase online or would prefer to skip the credit card fee, please complete the Book Bucks Form and return it with cash or a check to your child’s teacher no later than Friday, December 2nd.

Stay tuned for information about the READATHON in February!

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