Brandie Hayes
Brandie Hayes

Brandie Hayes holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Vassar College and a master’s degree in Literacy and Special Education from New York University. Brandie decided she wanted to become a teacher when she was in high school. She says, “That’s when I realized that kids need to have strong, positive role models to move them forward. Everyone deserves teacher support, not just the star students.”

Brandie’s teaching career started when she filled in for a fourth-grade teacher on maternity leave at PS 10. She joined the PS8 community in 2005. “Working at PS8 is fantastic because the staff is so warm and friendly. The parents are involved and supportive, and the kids are genuinely good kids who try to succeed,” she says.

In addition to teaching fifth grade, Brandie also leads PS8’s award-winning robotics program. “I love that it allows students a fun way to develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and an appreciation of the role that technology plays in our lives,” she says. “It also allows them to be innovators who can develop technologies that can do amazing things to help the world.”

Outside of school, Brandie enjoys biking, reading, and traveling. She also loves animals — “If I hadn’t gotten into teaching, I might have been an animal trainer,” she says.