Beverly Sparks
Beverly Sparks

Beverley Sparks grew up in Wyoming – “also known as New York’s missing closet space,” she jokes. She graduated from Smith College and earned her master’s degree from Bank Street College. She began teaching in 2003 and joined the PS 8 community in 2015.

Beverly loves working with all different kinds of learners and setting aside time for community work. Whether it’s something as fundamental as the morning meeting routine or as challenging as conflict resolution with peers, Beverley’s intent is to help students recognize the value and significance of other’s perspectives. She says, “Learning through discussion is active and meaningful, and it is easily transferred across curricula, through book clubs, peer editing or discussing solutions to a community problem requiring mathematical concepts. I believe in open dialogue, where everyone is heard and respect for others is cultivated.”

Outside of school, Beverley enjoys knitting and any kind of art and crafts. She is a calligrapher; she began learning calligraphy in fourth grade and was fortunate to be offered classes in high school and college. Beverley continues to study with artists from the Calligraphy Guild in New York.