Garden Committee

Why garden? Gardening is a fun and educational opportunity for students to connect with their natural environment on a regular basis. The Garden Committee provides opportunities for hands-on learning with ties to the curriculum for all grades; raises awareness about water consumption, soil quality, and healthy foods; and creates an oasis in a concrete, urban environment.

The Garden Committee meets monthly on Tuesdays from 2:45-3:30 p.m. (check the school calendar to confirm). New student and parent volunteers are always welcome! For more information, email

History of the Garden Committee (re-link me)

Wellness Council

» 2017-18 NYC DOE School Wellness Council of the Year «

The Wellness Council is a subcommittee of the School Leadership Team (SLT) that supports the continued development of health and wellness education at PS8. The Wellness Council works to support garden and nutrition programming, physical activity clubs, and student support groups.

The Wellness Council meets monthly on Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m. (check the school calendar to confirm). To learn more, email

History of the Wellness Council (re-link me)