Our Community is Child-Centered
We strive to ensure that all decisions put the interests of children first.
Our Community Embraces Diversity and Individuality
We value diversity of culture, experience, and perspective.
Our Community is Inclusive
Believing that all people bring unique abilities and talents, we work to ensure that all members – including students, staff and families – feel a sense of belonging and find ways to participate in our community.
Our Community Prepares Students for Citizenship
We strive to develop students’ understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship – both in and out of school –and work to give them the skills they need to become active members in a democratic society.
Our Community Works as an Effective Team
Staff, families and the larger community collaborate to achieve our mission.
Our Community Takes Responsibility
We search for answers, make no excuses, and ask the hard questions.
Our Community Acts with Integrity and Respect
Ethical and honest behavior is part of everything we do. We believe how we achieve results is as important as the results we achieve.
Our Community Strives for Excellence
We seek continuous improvement through reflection, innovation and thoughtful risk-taking.