NYC Public Schools Accounts You and Your Child Use

There are several similarly named. Thus, it is a little confusing. If you have any questions, please reach out to Brandie Hayes at

1. DOE Student Account– Every New York City public school student has a DOE account. It is created automatically when your child enrolls in school. This account stays the same the entire time a child is in school. With it, all DOE technology platforms can be assessed. The DOE creates the email address ( and username. Make sure that you are signed out of any browser or tab yourself. You will not be able to access DOE programs for your child if you have other open tabs.

2. NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)– This is a parent-facing account where you see and download report cards, attendance, transportation, find student email addresses, reset your student’s NYC Student password, etc. You need a letter with an account creation code along with your child’s 9-digit ID (found in Operoo) to get started, but then everything else is in your control. We will send letters home to anyone without an account in the next few weeks. Please note that all parents/guardians should have an account.  Reach out to Eileen with any questions.

Where do I find my child’s email address? Look in your parent-facing NYCSA.

How to reset student passwords:

Parents can set or reset a student’s password using their parent-facing New York City Schools Accounts (NYCSA). We’ve asked families with children in grades 2-5 to locate their child’s username and reset their child’s password, if necessary. At this point, if you were not successful in resetting your child’s password, it will be reset by Ms. Hayes. A sheet with your child’s login information will be sent home by your child’s classroom teacher within the upcoming week.  In the future, if you ever need to reset your child’s password, know that you can visit the NYC School Accounts Parent Portal section titled Resetting Student Passwords ( for guidance. You can increase the likelihood of your child remembering their password by making it as short as allowed and including familiar things that your child will easily recall such as:

  • names- their nickname, family names, pet names
  • familiar numbers- favorite numbers, birthdays, house numbers
  • passwords they already know

If you ever reset your child’s password in the future, please complete this FORM to share your child’s username and new password with school administration. 3. MySchools– the parent-facing account used to apply to public schools from 3K to high school. Fifth grade families, for example, will receive a letter at their home address with an account creation code in the Fall when it is time to apply to middle school.