Digital Citizenship

Document camera image of key concepts for 5th graders learning about digital citizenship
Key concepts for 5th graders learning about digital citizenship.

Library classes are focusing on digital citizenship to learn how to participate safely and responsibility in online communities. Lessons are drawn from the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum, Common Sense Education, and BrainPop (email for username/passwords).

Second graders will start with the basics of online safety and information privacy. Third graders will focus learning about safe searching and choosing secure passwords. In fourth grade, students have learned the basics of digital etiquette and will move on to a discussion of how upstanders can take action when witnessing cyberbullying. Fifth graders have been learning about intellectual property how to prevent plagiarism by giving credit to sources of information, and will continue to learn about how our actions online create our “digital footprints.”

There are many terrific tutorials and games that I would recommend trying out with your PS8er if you are interested in supporting digital citizenship at home. Check out Common Sense’s Digital Passport and Google’s Be Internet Awesome websites–have fun!